About Phenoscape

Phenoscape is an NSF-funded project (see acknowledgments) attempting to link the evolutionary changes and diversity of phenotypes to genetic or developmental causes. Using anatomical, taxonomic, and phenotype ontologies, we convert morphological character descriptions to phenotype assertions with rich, explicit, and computable semantics that are interoperable with phenotype annotations of model organism mutants that follow the same formalism, and for which the genetic basis is typically known. More information can be found at the Phenoscape project website, and the publications.

The Principal Investigator is Paula Mabee (University of South Dakota), and co-principal investigators are Todd Vision (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Monte Westerfield (University of Oregon, ZFIN), and Hilmar Lapp (NESCent).

About this blog

We use this blog primarily for the following two purposes:

  • To keep our community updated on project updates, events, milestones, and developments in both software and data generation.
  • To publish our thought processes on various issues that we encounter and struggle with, to engage and invite commentary and opinions.  


This project is funded by NSF grant BDI-0641025, and supported by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent), NSF #EF-0423641. It arose from a NESCent Working Group led by Paula Mabee and Monte Westerfield, “Towards an Integrated Database for Fish Evolution.”


All views and opinions expressed on this site are those of the author, and not necessarily those of NESCent, the National Science Foundation or any other funding agency, or the project principal investigators. The mention of technologies, programs, or approaches, does not imply endorsement of those.

All content on this site is © The Author and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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