Our summer of code project

August 27, 2009

Phenoscape has mentored, under the auspices of NESCent, another Google Summer of Code student this year.  Kasia Hayden developed a plugin package for Mesquite that allows users to view character matrices and EQ (ontology-based) annotations produced using the Phenex tool.  The primary purpose was to allow curators to share their annotation work with others in the context of a more familiar tool.  Users can select cells in a Mesquite character matrix and, using two new cell tools, see EQ annotations either as text in the bottom pane of the matrix window, or as a graph in a separate pop-up window. Read the rest of this entry »

Phenoscape project set up on SourceForge

April 29, 2008

We finally set up a Phenoscape project on SourceForge.net. At this moment there isn’t much there in the code repository, but within the next days we’ll deposit some scripts that we had to develop for OBO-format ontology generation (for example, for initiating the TTO from the Catalog of Fishes) and for massaging the tracker messages auto-generated by the OBO term request trackers to be more user-friendly. The source code repository will also be the home for some controlled vocabularies that (only?) we need for our project (such as the one for museum codes).

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