Phenoscape project set up on SourceForge

We finally set up a Phenoscape project on At this moment there isn’t much there in the code repository, but within the next days we’ll deposit some scripts that we had to develop for OBO-format ontology generation (for example, for initiating the TTO from the Catalog of Fishes) and for massaging the tracker messages auto-generated by the OBO term request trackers to be more user-friendly. The source code repository will also be the home for some controlled vocabularies that (only?) we need for our project (such as the one for museum codes).

You might wonder why this has taken almost a year since we launched Phenoscape in June 2007.  The reason is that until just recently our software as well as ontology development activities have built on existing projects (such as Phenote on the software side or PATO on the ontology side) that already had their community infrastructure, or given rise to new community ontologies (such as the TAO and TTO) that each received their infrastructure within the OBO umbrella.

However, as we start shifting our focus this summer to developing the database and web-based user interface for the EQ data our curators will soon be generating in increasing amounts, our own code repository will be the natural home for much of the code we’ll develop.

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