Phenex 1.0-beta24 released

Phenex 1.0-beta24 is now available for download.

This release has a few new features and a number of bug fixes:


  • The Search panel from OBO-Edit is now available in Phenex, under the View > Ontology menu.  This allows the user to do a textual search of all loaded terms, and view a results list.
  • There is a “quick editing” mode for the character matrix interface.  The user can type the name of a state symbol, without first double-clicking the cell, and Tab or Return to the next cell to edit.
  • If the quality “count” has been used in a phenotype for any state for a character, it will be auto-filled for subsequent states.
  • Open/Save panel starts at the previously visited directory.

Bugs fixed:

  • Copy and paste of terms in the Phenotypes table works consistently now.
  • The post-composition editor no longer disappears after tabbing out of the genus field when running on Java 6.
  • The menubar no longer disappears after using the post-composition editor.

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