Announcing Phenex 1.0

Phenoscape is proud to announce the immediate availabiity of Phenex 1.0, the first public release of our platform-independent desktop application for annotating character-by-taxon matrices with ontology terms.  Phenex has been in development and available in beta form for over a year, while we used it to curate more than 50 publications for inclusion in the Phenoscape Knowledgebase.

The 1.0 release of Phenex includes features allowing it to be used for work with any taxonomic group. It can be configured to load any user-specified OBO ontologies, and users can specify the sets of ontology terms available within each type of entry field.  Also, this release uses the latest version of the NeXML schema for its file format, storing ontology annotations in an embedded RDFa-compliant format.

We look forward to working with anyone interested in making use of Phenex with their own data. Phenex is open source software, released under the MIT license.

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