Released Phenote v2.0 update (PhenoScape beta 1664)

Released new Phenote version ( It has the following new features:

  • New feature – “Scratch lists” (see below)
  • Browse all the ontologies using a tree view, select terms, and drag them onto fields to use them as values
  • New, clean, interface look

You can open Scratch lists from the View menu. First you will see a blank table.  You can add rows to the table and give them whatever name you want.  Select a row and press the table-looking button in the component’s toolbar.  A character table will open somewhere with that name.  You can make new annotation rows in this table and then drag them into the main annotation table.  You might want to make a couple different scratch lists that have particular values pre-filled in that you want to use again and again.  This makes life a lot easier for Wasila, our data curator,  when particular species always use the same voucher evidence. The caveat is that right now the scratch tables aren’t saved. That will require data adapter work.

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