Released Phenote update (v1.6 beta 1692)

Released new Phenote version (download). It has the following new features:

  • Changed version back to 1.6 beta to be inline with NCBO versioning
  • Term info panel now shows information for terms selected in Complete Ontology Tree View
  • Window close button now works on specimen picker window
  • User can turn off table sorting by clicking again on a reverse-sorted table column
  • Rows can be dragged from Taxon list into any other table
  • Dropped rows are selected in target table
  • Fixed bug where dragged rows were not being copied as new rows (editing would screw up original)
  • Editor fields no longer grow wider than the panel they’re in
  • Selected rows attempt to stay visible when table is re-sorted
  • Added updated collection code ontology

This is also the first release uploaded to and downloadable from the OBO SourceForge site as a file release, and can therefore be linked to indefinitely. Previously we were putting up the updated downloads on the Phenoscape wiki, which had the nasty effect that upon every update all earlier links no longer pointed to the correct version (but simply always to the latest).  

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